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Jumpstart Germantown, Philadelphia

Jumpstart Germantown, first pioneered by Philly Office Retail in 2015, offers a popular Training Program, an active Developers' Network, and a well used Loan Program.

Jumpstart Southwest, Philadelphia

Southwest Community Development Corporation is pleased to announce a new program designed to stimulate residential housing development and neighborhood revitalization and create wealth and employment opportunities for residents of Southwest Philadelphia.   

Jumpstart West Philly

Jumpstart West Philly empowers West Philadelphia community members to be the developers  of their own communities through entrepreneurial, community-oriented real estate development. Jumpstart West Philly is modeled after PhillyOfficeRetail's Jumpstart Germantown program, with an emphasis on training, networking, mentoring, and financing.

Jumpstart North Philly West

Jumpstart North Philly West, an initiative spearheaded by Skylight Homes LLC and modeled from the original Jumpstart Germantown, was formed  to facilitate the revitalization of the North Philly West neighborhood of Philadelphia through high quality, community-led residential and commercial real estate renovations. Our motto is “Community development, by the community.”


Jumpstart Kensington will empower North Kensington residents to become developers of their own neighborhood through quality, community-focused real estate development. 

Shift Capital and Impact Services will be working together to deliver training, mentoring, networking, and loan programs to developers looking to make a positive impact on Kensington.



Jumpstart Hunting Park is a new model of community development, based on the success of Jumpstart Germantown, that provides training, mentoring, networking, and financing options for aspiring local developers.



Jumpstart Tioga is dedicated to the revitalization of the Tioga neighborhood through redevelopment projects that improve the community and involve its residents and stakeholders. Our neighborhood is perfectly positioned near all sections of the city, main transportation routes, and the Temple University Campus and Health System.


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