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“The development incubator’s loan program is its most exciting component because it provides funding to less experienced developers that just isn’t available through traditional financial institutions.”

Jana Shea | 3/9/16

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"Almost a hundred people turned out for Jumpstart Germantown’s first Developers’ Network Meeting.”

Chestnut Hill Local
Sue Ann Rybak | 6/3/15

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“[Ken Weinstein is] offering a genuine opportunity to get into a profitable business and benefit from a changing neighborhood … Not only will it improve the neighborhood [but also the] financial prospects for many of the people who live here.”

Carla Robinson | 6/22/15

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“The Mt. Airy-based redeveloper is doing more than renewing Northwest Philly’s commercial buildings—he’s preparing a new generation of developers to do the same for distressed homes in Germantown and beyond.”

Philadelphia Magazine
Sandy Smith | 5/9/17

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“Hundreds of people applied for the course at launch—including many women and people of African-American descent; demographics largely excluded from the existing property development industry.”

Red Bull Amaphiko
Claire Wasserman | 2/23/17

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“A longtime real estate developer in northwest Philadelphia has settled on an ingenious mechanism to revitalize the neighborhood and generate wealth by training and funding newbie developers.”

Keystone Edge
Elise Vider | 2/20/17

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“What started as the developer's bootstrapped effort to revitalize Germantown has become a scalable program other neighborhoods are coveting.”

Tony Abraham | 1/27/17

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“Jumpstart offers a . . . ‘model of effective, equitable development’ for North Kensington, [Impact Services Corp. President Casey] O‘Donnell said, ‘instead of replicating the unaffordability of other neighborhoods.’”

Philadelphia Inquirer
Alan J. Heavens | 10/3/2016

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“[Ken Weinstein] developed a sort of crash-course curriculum on all the ins and outs of developing properties in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, his company Philly Office Retail provided mentees with 85 percent financing for the purchase and acquisition of small, vacant or deteriorated properties.”

Curbed Philadelphia
Melissa Romero | 2/7/17

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