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“Through our Jumpstart … programs we are trying to teach and train and mentor more people who see real estate development in that [equitable development] light.”

WURD Radio - Reality Check Interview with Ken Weinstein

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“It gave me an understanding of the intricacies and nuances of real estate investment,” he [Jordan Parisse-Ferrarini] explains. “It taught me what was a good deal, what wasn’t, and how to find one.”

The Philadelphia Citizen
Jill Harkins | 4/02/18

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“Jumpstart offers a . . . ‘model of effective, equitable development’ for North Kensington, [Impact Services Corp. President Casey] O‘Donnell said, ‘instead of replicating the unaffordability of other neighborhoods.’”

Philadelphia Inquirer
Alan J. Heavens | 10/3/2016

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“A longtime real estate developer in northwest Philadelphia has settled on an ingenious mechanism to revitalize the neighborhood and generate wealth by training and funding newbie developers.”

Keystone Edge
Elise Vider | 2/20/17

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“Imagine hundreds of developers getting their start all while breathing new life into their childhood neighborhoods and  without pushing longtime residents out. If this sounds like some sort of fantasy, you haven’t met Ken Weinstein yet. ”

Philadelphia Magazine
Sandy Smith | 2/10/18

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“It took Weinstein years to gain the kind of knowledge, network and skills he has to be able to share with others. And so as the name suggests, Jumpstart is all about giving others a head start in ‘trying to put all the pieces together,’ Weinstein said.”

Albert Hong | 11/6/17

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“The idea is to stave off blight by incentivizing development in neighborhoods where the real estate market is lukewarm. It is also meant to ensure that the housing stock is rehabilitated by responsible developers.”

Plan Philly
Jake Blumgart | 8/31/17

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“The combination of slow growth, scattered site development, and a mix of price points act as a bulkhead against gentrification, encouraging healthy development that sustains and attracts real economic diversity in our communities.”

Newsworks WHYY Op/Ed
Ken Weinstein | 7/7/17

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“The Mt. Airy-based redeveloper is doing more than renewing Northwest Philly’s commercial buildings—he’s preparing a new generation of developers to do the same for distressed homes in Germantown and beyond.”

Philadelphia Magazine
Sandy Smith | 5/9/17

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